Is the Pokémon fad dying?


With companies like Walmart and Target suspending the sales of trading cards, this could be the start of the fad dying out.

Scalpers spend a majority of their time going store to store hoping to find fully stocked shelves before collectors have a chance to get to them. Now that stores are going to leave these shelves empty, will scalpers move on?

The margins of profit are already slim for scalpers. To make it worthwhile they would need to secure a pretty big haul to make money. With the cost of gas rising it seems like a poor investment to go store to store searching for Pokémon cards now.

Prices for new set lists are already seeing a decline in resale price. Shining Fates ETBs were selling for around $90. Now you can go on your local marketplace and find the same ETB for around $60.

This is a great sign for collectors. By the time stores begin to sell the cards again, the Pokémon company should be able to supply higher quantities of products to these stores. Thus creating a dilemma for those who thought they found a new hustle.

This could mean a decrease in new fans entering the hobby, since the chances of walking into a store and possibly finding their first pack of cards now gone.

Is this a good idea? Do you think these stores suspending sales of Pokémon cards will change the way scalpers approach the hobby?

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  1. I don’t think that would change the scalpers approach. They will find a way and get what they want and need. I was surprised of what Target’s and Walmart did. It is for the safety of people. We will see if Pokémon Center has anything stocked up. I have been on it almost everyday. Great read, once again.

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