What Are The Chilling Reign Chase Cards? (List with photos)


We are less than two months away from the release of Chilling Reign, the latest expansion on the Pokémon Trading Card Game. If you haven’t already pre-ordered this set, I suggest you find a way to do so.

The heat will be present! Funny seeing they based this set on a winter themed landscape. I’m not here to make bad jokes though, I’m here to give you a quick taste of what we will most likely be looking at in the English Chilling Reign release. These are the cards I am looking most forward to.

Let’s go!

This Blaziken speaks for itself.
The rainbow on this Blaziken is beautiful.
A new Pokémon I wasn’t the biggest fan of. Calyrex & Spectrier is definitely changing my opinion with this art style.
More Spectrier
Last of the Spectrier
Here you have Calyrex riding Glastrier
My favorite card thus far. Galarian Articuno.

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Zapdos Alternative art.
Moltres Alternative Art
The most unique Slowking card I’ve seen.
A classic! Snorlax looks great in many sets.

This is just a small list of the available cards in the new set. We won’t be listing each and every card. For a more in depth card list check here. As we get closer to the release date we will have upload more photos.

We will update the website as more cards we believe are worthy of being “Chase Cards” become available in the English set list.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. OMG!!!! These cards are so beautiful!!! The art just got better and better. I am loving it!!! I want all the gold cards!!!

  2. OMG, I am loving every single card! The artwork has gotten so much better over time. Each card has its own unique flair. I would love all the gold cards in my possession! Sheesh, all are so beautiful!!!

  3. My pockets are gonna hurt real bad when Chilling Reign comes out. Two weeks ago I broke in and bought the expansion pass to my Sword. Ooof, it was definitely worth it! These chase cards are too purty for me to ignore. This summer I think I’ll be giving up on my dreams for that Rebel Clash Ninetails full art and hunt for these. Battlestyles pull rates kinda put me off for collecting, but this set is rapidly pulling me back in.

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