Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Should Be Bigger Than Fortnite!


Now I realize I sound like an old person right now because Fortnite isn’t even the most prominent game out today. To be honest with you, I don’t even recognize what is. Maybe that’s because I play the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online too much?

What surprises me is that it doesn’t seem to be very popular. Don’t get me wrong, many people spend long hours playing the game. Just that when you try to check out streams on twitch, the content is lacking.

There are good PTCGO (Pokémon trading card game online) streamers out there, I watch a couple of them daily like; Matty_Haty, Mellow_Magikarp & Sininchi18. If you’re interested in learning about the game, they each offer different levels of play that can help you out in your own game.

The competitive aspect is what draws me to the game but it’s not all about winning. At the end of the day it is about having fun and playing Pokémon. The ever evolving deck builds that combine numerous strategies to outplay your opponent are so much fun to put together.


Now when you start the game for the first time you might not be very good, you might even get beat an awful lot. That is how you get better. That is what makes the game fun!

If you love Pokémon and love putting together strategies to beat opponents then you should be playing PTCGO. After all you could end up winning the players cups someday—if you get good enough that is.


Do you play it? If you do, put your friend code below and find new players to compete against. If you don’t, why not?


  1. Honestly I feel like the cards themselves have become more popular than playing (in person or online) ever since the whole boom we saw lately. I could be wrong but that’s just what I’m seeing based on the people I follow on social!

  2. I will be setting up an account soon. Just getting these cards in hand are hard. I have friends giving me code cards just to play the game online. Sigh. I actually like being challenged and I love playing strategically. I look forward in going against you.

      1. I’m really glad you published this, I have an insane amount of code cards and I was thinking it be good to start playing but never took the time to set it up. I’ll be back later on this week and would love to connect with you all and challenge you. This seems like a ton of fun to be honest and again it doesn’t take much to convince but happy you did.

  3. I would love to get into the competitive scene of Pokémon as I have always been a collector.

    1. It is a great time to! If you have a computer you can download it for free and start playing today.

      They’re introducing a lot of exciting new mechanics to the game right now.

  4. I’ve tried out PTCGO, and while I really like it I just wish it was more user friendly. I want an app on my phone for it! But have you seen fortnite cards?! Those things carry some crazy value too. But I see them going down in the long term like beanie babies, just a fad. Not like the lasting popularity of Pokémon!

  5. I’ve collected the cards off and on for over twenty years and never learned how to play the game. Something about it just didn’t appeal to me the way Yu-Gi-Oh or MtG did. I think the fact that it’s superficially very similar to just having a battle in the video games is actually a turn-off for me.

  6. Honestly, I think the fact that the card game feels very similar to a Pokemon battle from the video games is actually a turn-off for me. When I get the urge to battle Pokemon I just start up a game cartridge. I’ve always enjoyed the card art and such, but never learned to play.

  7. I really can’t wait until real live competition begins! Online is fun and all, but the competition feels real in person.

  8. I tried playing it but my laptop wasn’t handling it well and I can’t play on my phone 😅 I do plan on trying it when I can

  9. I don’t think I’ll ever play it, I’ve tried to get into it but the game feels like a chore for me. Just not my thing but I love collecting the cards!

  10. I’ve never played PTCGO I’ve only ever played with actual cards. I am really considering trying it out!

  11. There is good money in the cards. I haven’t played the new game yet, but it looks fun. 👍

  12. I agree that there is nothing stopping pokemon tcgo being on par or bigger than fortnite. It’s all about replay ability and strategy and with packs constantly being relased it won’t slow down any time soon. I’ve recently got into Pokemon again after many years and given the online a go. For me i just couldn’t get into it, for me pulling the rares is the key drive. However, i do quite fancy the idea of playing in real life! 😄

  13. I think putting together the deck is what put some people off. While that may be enjoyable to some, others may not think so. Other games you can just start playing.

  14. I’m really excited to see these competitions live it’s so much more fun and intense.

  15. The competitive side of Pokémon has always looked cool to me but I’ve always just been more of a collector than battler. It’s something I’m definitely thinking about looking into more when I get more code cards.

  16. Yeah I too think that Ptcgo is not as popular as any other game. But I think it is a obvious thing because games like Fortnite or Pubg are type simulation games as we have to play a character. But ptcgo is just card game and many people prefer playing it in real life and in championship matches. Well there were never any real pokemon tcg in India so there weren’t any code cards hence I’ve never tried it. But it’s just my opinion ☺.

  17. I actually only got back into collecting because of the tcgo, I love playing online, it reminds me of when I younger and used to play against friends.

  18. I feel like the reason people adore fortnite so much is because of how simplistic it can be, not saying that it is, but just that you collect and kill and you’re done until you do it over and over. It’s a simple idea that makes it easy to play and due to scalpers now it might be cheaper to play fortnite than collect pokémon, i feel like pokémon can lead to a more positive outcome leading to strategy and advanced thinking whether it’s planning your deck out to be the strongest it can be or making the right move in order to surpass your opponent. Either way i get the attraction to fortnite but pokémon will always be better in my opinion

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