Sexualizing Pokémon?

With the hype over Pokémon reaching new levels each day, Instagram influencers were bound to latch on to the trend. What I’ve been seeing lately is a bit concerning.

As an adult who will raise kids into this hobby, it displeases me to see a lot of women and men using sex appeal to gain followers on their Pokémon themed account.

This game was made and designed for kids. Although there is nothing wrong with being an adult Pokémon fanatic, I believe there should be a line on things you do to show you’re a Pokémon fanatic.

Wearing skimpy bathing suits in doors during the winter for a Pokémon post on your Instagram shouldn’t be accepted as normal. Yes, we see sex sells, and you should be confident to post whatever you wish online but make sure you are comfortable selling it to children. I know I wouldn’t want my child looking at photos of ass all day because he saw attractive Pokémon fans posting photos focusing on body parts and not Pokémon on their Instagram.

My beliefs fall along the lines of being the change you want to see in the world. I think everyone should be confident in their own skin. But keep it PG or keep your account private if you’re going to be promoting it under hashtags that were solely designed for a kids game.

Not everybody will agree with this, and I don’t expect people too. I just feel we owe the next generation a fair shot, and we shouldn’t be selling sex to them.

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