Pokémon TCG: Chilling Reigns Hype?

Magazines like Forbes are now covering current releases of Pokémon sets you know the hype is real.

Here comes Chilling reigns. An additional set with a theme of the Crown Tundra DLC for Nintendo Switch’s most popular game—arguably.

Having just finished the DLC storylines a year after finishing the main series story, I can say I’m excited about this series. Calyrex, Glastrier and Frostrier are nice additions to the game. Calyrex isn’t my number one though, it’s just a super weird looking character.

The Crown Tundra DLC runs off of the legendary theme. So we’re most definitely going to be seeing some amazing looking legendary cards.

This series is going to be better than vivid voltage—one of my favorite modern sets. Vivid Voltage has a ton of great pulls in it.

What do I expect from this set? Though I’m excited, I’m not expecting super heavy hits like the Vivid Voltage Vmax Pikachu Rainbow Rare.

Credit: IG @knowwhererelics

The Galarian trio of birds should get the respect they deserve with beautifully illustrated cards. All the re-designs of the legendary birds look great. Some people might not go for them, but how can you not appreciate their beauty?

The Regi Gang will need to be shown some love in the chilling reigns set. The hardest Pokémon to obtain in the game is Regigigas. Hoping to see some crazy-looking cards for them.

Besides the mentioned Pokémon I don’t have many desires with this set. I only hope to be able to acquire some cards on release day.

Pokémon Sword is one of my favorite Pokémon games of all time, introducing me to my new favorite Pokémon Dragapult. I’ll be forever grateful for this game. I loved it so much I finished the galarian dex—it wasn’t easy.

With all that said. What do you think about the announcement ? Are there any Pokémon you really want to get in this series?


  1. I think it seems like a fun set with all the new legendaries! Personally I like Calyrex, I agree it’s weird looking but I guess that’s why I like it… it’s mysterious. I also loved it’s role in the Crown Tundra expansion.
    I’m trying to not get too excited about new sets cause I haven’t even seen any Shining Fates yet. Cards are impossible to find where I live.

  2. Whew, I think I’ll say it, I didn’t buy the expansion pass. After seeing Battlestyles cards and previews to Chilling Reign, I’m starting to feel left out. Legitimately after seeing all the hype, I think I might have been persuaded into buying it. But at this point in my Pokémon relationship, I know to keep my hopes high and expectations low when it comes to actually obtaining anything new. I got lucky when it came to preordering Battlestyles. If I’m eager to own Chilling Reign, then so know plenty of others are too.

    But getting back to the question, the hype is most definitely real. After typing this, I’ll probably make a list of my own chase cards.

    1. Battle styles looks so good. So many cards from that set I want.

      I definitely feel you on that. I like to keep my expectations extremely low so I get surprised when I see them kill it with things like the crown tundra.

    2. Not judging you for not buying the DLC! However, I must say that Crown Tundra is really awesome. I don’t think you would regret getting it.

      1. 😎 I am most definitely about to buy the pass soon. Especially after seeing that there’s Galarian forms of the legendary birds!

  3. Will definitely be trying to get this new set. The only card I want from Battle Styles is the alternate Tyranitar… it is my spirit animal. 😂

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