Millennial Monsters Giveaways

The purpose of this post is to inform you on how to participate in our giveaways. Over the next few years we will give away many Pokémon products with no limit on the price tag. Pokémon cards are so scarce these days, we are doing this to make sure everyone can have some!

Millennial Monsters make the giveaways like this to ensure they aren’t too easy to enter, so individuals have a better shot at winning some cards. The author will never ask you to tag any friends. One goal at Millennial Monsters is to get individuals to read a little more than they might do every day and do it while reading about Pokémon.

To win in Millennial Monsters giveaways you will have to read and give genuine responses to the words written. That means generic responses such as “yeah”, “me too” or plain fire emojis, etc. will not award you an admission to the giveaway.

When you write a response, be sure to add a unique name and last initial to distinguish yourself from others. This makes your entry easier to count and ensure giveaways come and go quicker. Subscribe to the website for the easiest entry.

To enter Millennial Monsters giveaways you will have to participate in current written entries posted to the blog.

Every single comment of yours will be read, and we will give the reward point upon verification of honest feedback.

Giveaway reward point system:

To even be considered you must share this photo to your Instagram page

Designed by Millennial Monsters

1. Your first comment on any new blog post is worth 2 points.

2. Receiving a genuine reply to any of your comments by any other person is worth 1 point

3. Responding to any other persons comment with a genuine reply will be worth .5 points.

4. Receiving a like on any comment by another person is worth .5 points

At the end of the giveaway each person will have their posts verified and points will be awarded. Once all points are counted, rankings will be created then entries to the giveaway wheel will be determined by such.

The top three ranked participants will see increased entries based on the volume of total comments—each three receiving different amounts. Obviously the top ranked participant will receive the most entries.

All giveaways will start and end at the writers’ discretion. As long as it is within reason. A giveaway will never begin without the participants being given an estimated finish date.

The same authors will not always post giveaways, as we will offer sponsorships where we will host your giveaway on our site. For further details, use the contact information for this site.

Good luck to everybody from now on. Hope to find great discussion and even better cards being sent to each and every one of you!

What do you think about the new point system? Remember that this is only a beta and will be continuously improved upon to ensure everybody a great experience.

Share in the comments any thoughts you have on how to improve the process.


  1. Keeping people engaged in your articles and the community is awesome. You are posting very relevant content that will keep me interested, thank you. The point system is good too adds a bonus to interactions.

    1. Engagement is key! I feel other blogs out there are just for entertainment and not sincere. Facts and truth over fake news. If you get my drift.

  2. I think this is a really cool and unique way to run giveaways. I can’t really think of ways to improve it such as more ways to gain points as I think you’ve covered them all really. But yeah as I say I think it’s really cool as it’s also getting people to interact with each other, and discuss things about Pokémon 🙂

  3. “yeah”, “me too”, 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    I’m sorry I just had to post that! But that’s awesome that you are guys are giving back to the community in this way! This is exactly the reason why I love the Pokémon community for the genuine people like you guys! Pokémon has also help bring my family together because we now open up Pokémon cards together. Even though my mom thinks it’s a waste of time. But the joy that we get as kids is great! Keep up the awesome work!

    Ps I’m still a little bit confused on the whole point system.

    1. Someone had to! Haha

      Thank you for taking the time to read this. I promise every post won’t be this long.

      Always remember that you don’t open them for your mom you open them for you! Keep that tradition alive.

      The point system is super raw right now and does not apply to the vivid voltage giveaway but every giveaway afterwards.

      The point system is essentially a way to get people here to interact with each other and not just original post. For example say someone asks a question and someone else gives them an answer before the writer of the original post does. The two people will receive a reward point. Earn enough reward points and you can earn more entries.

    2. Ditto. Giving back to the community is very important. I feel like that hasn’t been recognized or acknowledged in this day and age. Sigh.

  4. I’ve never heard of anyone doing something like this before and I honestly think it’s a great idea. The idea of offering prizes for activity and feedback is a smart way of growing your platform. Rock on dude!

    1. We do it in my discord. Every message is a point. 6k points is an entry into a monthly giveaway. It’s a great way to boost interaction!

    2. Ya it’s a good way to get people more involved in the Pokémon community and the more people the better

  5. Legit completely agree with this. Making people engage in the post actually requires them to get into the community, and make sure they are real. Reminds me of our twitch giveaways on my channel. Our twitch giveaways require a sub, which then requires joint the discord only because it covers costs and then we know it’s not some random bot or person who doesn’t want to interact.

    Point system is great too so you make sure it’s not just a 1 and done run. Again, same in my discord. The more you talk the more points you get. After so many, you get an extra entry. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Interaction brings rewards.

    Also, I’m just gonna use the variant of my Twitter/discord name. Easy connection that way for interacting across platforms

      1. Ya glad they are here to help we need to give more cards to the kids so they can have fun opening cards like I did when I was younger

    1. I totally agree. I feel like getting more engaged as a community might help cut out the scalpers, or maybe even change their hearts in the long run. Maybe that’s wishful thinking, but I think having a more meaningful community would help.

  6. Engagement with a fan base is always a great idea so what you’re doing here looks really good!

  7. I love vivid voltage their are just none in the stores near me me and my little brother like collecting these cards together so it would be nice to win so we can open it together

    1. I love the system you have created for this giveaway, I feel like a big reason why we have so many issues on social media is because people don’t take the time to really read and understand things and other people. Engagement is so important, even in things as trivial as trading cards!

  8. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    No but for real
    I really like the way you’re doing this giveaway. I think it’s pretty cool that I actually have to engage in something instead of just tagging 3 people on the comments.

    1. Thanks for being here. The giveaways are just the beginning. I’ve got a lot of ideas and things in the works. Creating a place for fans to get together is the end game.

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