Thank You Pokémon Company

Today I woke up feeling inspired, anticipating the Nintendo direct and wrote this.

25 years of Pokémon. Wow. A tremendous achievement for a company to stay relevant for that amount of time. Not to say that they haven’t fallen of a little here and there, but for the major part they have maintained a hardcore presence in our hearts, well mine at least.

Whew it takes me to my childhood, walking down the street of a small town in Pennsylvania to my card shop and opening packs of the first base set right in store to trade back for other cards. Tangela was my favorite Pokémon back then. Times when my only worry was going back home with a new Pokémon card again.

Society today is so fast-paced, trends come and go in a day or two. But Pokémon is cut from a different cloth. They’ve stuck around my entire life. And for that I’m forever grateful.

Have I critiqued them over the years? Absolutely. But they are a company made of humans who are bound to make mistakes. That they learn from mistakes and continue to produce a game that we fan can love is the most impressive part.

This isn’t an informative entry or even a review of anything. This is an appreciation post for Pokémon.

They move with the times and remain to help me in easing the stress of my daily life as I hope they can do for my children. And for that I am forever thankful.

The news they released this morning was everything I wanted and more. I am beyond excited for the Diamond and Pearl Nintendo Switch remakes.

What I am thrilled about is the other game announced on the Pokémon Presents this morning, Pokémon Legends: Arceus. A Pokémon game which seems created with older players in mind. Something I’ve been begging for.

Again this isn’t a post about new games this is just a thanks from me to the community. Never change, but for the better. This is only a response to the Pokémon presents and what I’m pleased about today.

What about Pokémon are you happy about today?


  1. I remember the day I was hooked on Pokémon, I was around 7 maybe, and my friend had “outgrown it”, and he gave me a binder full of Pokémon. I spent hours just scrolling through the pages and appreciated the art. I never actually learned how to play the card game until recently. But the joy that that binder gave me was immeasurable. I’m so glad Pokémon has stayed strong through all these years, and is still pumping out new content, and I appreciate how dedicated many of the community members are. I hope Pokémon never dies.

  2. I am super excited for the Arceus game with expanded ability to play Pokémon like it was real life!! I will like this game better than PoGo honestly. I’ll still pick up either Diamond or Pearl as well to “pre-game” with (see what I did there), and I have a feeling we may have to get whatever is available. Anticipate a shortage.

    Great article and link to video. I actually watched this before I knew there was a giveaway 😆

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

      I was literally dreaming about the type of gameplay they showed us. Seeing Garchomp battle while you were able to stand back and aim the Poké-ball was so awesome.

  3. Very thankful for Pokémon from the beginning and forever. I just love the artwork, creativity and imagination that is put in the making! I loved coming home from school after finishing my homework and plop by the t.v. I played pretend where I was Team Rocket or Ash. Feeling nostalgic. I also had my parents buy me game until I became an adult and I purchased my own system with games!! I would go crazy! I think Pokémon should continue as games, shows and cards. Pokémon and child at heart for life!!!!

  4. Ah! After enjoying the anniversary and seeing the trailers for upcoming games, I am just still filled with the sort of childish excitement I had when I was a kid. Growing up, I lived in poorer conditions, but despite that my mother still games when she could. Each time I would be grateful just for getting a game or seeing the show. It’s hard to fathom it, but at my age I still get excited for games. It’s crazy to think that Diamond, my first Pokémon game is getting remade. It’s an understatement to say that I am excited to see what the Pokémon company- Nintendo has yet to do. Arceus and Brilliant Diamond, I soooo look forward to!

  5. I am younger than 25 years old so Pokémon has been around for my entire life. Even though I’m not a little kid anymore, my love and interest for Pokémon had never stopped growing. I love how you can never be too old for Pokémon because of the variety of content and games it brings. Collecting the cards and watching the movies are personally my favorite parts, and I don’t ever plan to cease adding to my collections!! <3

  6. Yeah, I really have enjoyed Pokémon throughout the years too! I still can’t believe it’s still around and hopefully will continue to be around when we aren’t…we have to pass it down to the younger generations!


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