Scalpers Are The Lowest Of The Low

With the release of shining fates I’ve been inspired to start this blog. Not over excitement but disgust. This morning I saw a tweet that showed shoppers leaving their carts behind in the middle of isles after realizing the store wouldn’t let them buy out the entire stock. Disgusting.

My experience was a bit different but still discomforting none the less. I woke up around 6:30am to drive to my local Wal-Mart to get there just in time to be 4th in line for the 7:00am open.

We walk into the store and a girl lags behind what looks like her boyfriend or cousin or maybe both who knows I’m not judging but he quickly went ahead of her. She had stayed back to grab a cart. I could see the panic in her eyes. I notice this collaboration and immediately felt embarrassed and hoped anyone in the store did not associate me with these people.

The girl walked behind me with her cart to the trading card section where her cousin friend was waiting with another old guy who was also extremely disappointed to see they didn’t even have it stocked. Seriously you should have seen the look on these peoples faces. Since I only wanted one I wasn’t nearly as disappointed.

I immediately walked up to a group of employees and asked them when they would restock—while the other group just sat around and waited—they told me they had no idea when but if I wanted anything I should wait. Because the other group was certainly waiting—apparently they do this all the time.

I left the store after waiting about 10 minutes. I wasn’t going to be that guy waiting around 4 hours for no reason. Which after browsing social media this morning seems a lot of people waited around a lot longer than that for nothing.

This was my first time waking up for a release and will be my last. I don’t have the desire to stand at the trading card section during the end of a pandemic as an adult and wait for them to restock Pokémon cards.

Once we realize that these scalpers who are only capitalizing on fomo will move on if we stop buying from them, things will change.

Scalpers are in it for a quick flip. They want to get rid of product as quickly as possibly. Not everyone who buys in bulk is like this but the majority of the products you see for sale online are from scalpers.

Do the community a favor and hold out. Don’t buy right away. You can drive the price down.

This is, at the end of the day a kids game and the scarcity that is being created by predominantly grown men is concerning and we can only hope that the Pokémon company fixes this.

What do you think can be done to fix this?


  1. I completely agree! I checked my local target and walmart, they had nothing, so I left and will try again another day. No need to sit around for hours. I think that in about a year once they get the new printing facilities up and running we’ll see a lot of this die down!

  2. True, my favorite part of going to walmart was geabbing some packs or boxes on tge way out, but its clean dry all tge time!

  3. I totally agree I dont mind people making a few quid from the hobby as it helps people move up the collection rankings buying better stuff, but to leave nothing for others just to charge 5× the price makes me sick.

  4. What troubles me the most is that kids could lose interest in Pokémon cards if they literally can’t get the product. What if scalpers continually do this and drive Pokémon tcg popularity down by now allowing current generations to access the new cards?? I hope stores nation wide start to implement 1-2 products per customer rules.

  5. I totally agree. I’m only new to collecting Pokémon cards and it’s very annoying to see the prices so high. I’ve heard so many stories like with people buying whole cases of packs from McDonalds, which is ruining it for so many others who can’t get them. It’s a really tricky one because as you said if people don’t buy from them, they’d have to move on as they wouldn’t be able to sell them. However with stock so low and demand so high, I feel as though it’s unlikely people will hold out and not buy from them. I think I heard that Pokémon are doing reprints, and increasing the number of prints of newer sets so hopefully that can help to solve it? Not sure though and not sure if that will even help as scalpers would probably just buy all of them anyway!

  6. It’s shameful. I’ve always been into Pokémon, but recently I’ve started actually collecting the cards and starting my journey. It’s hard to find cards when they’re constantly sold out and being sold for higher than what they’re intended. I just want to enjoy the art and the aesthetic, not to have to buy overpriced cards!

  7. Yeah I’ve never seen people line up for cards. I tend to go after work at 5pm and most of the time it’s cleaned out. This week they put magic cards in the space for Pokémon. It’s depressing. I just want to buy occasionally. Not have to buy $50 worth just to have some for a few months

  8. I live in NJ and every store is always wiped out because of scalpers. I try to get to a store every other day to check and only once have found cards at a dollar general. It’s honestly depressing.

  9. I loved Pokémon in my childhood, and I only recently got back into it. I had a month of grace before new sets dropped and I learned just how greedy already well off people are. Scalpers are truly the lowest of the low. Every outlet I’ve been suggested to buy packs is sold out, and I just refuse to run to online sellers and buy an item for twice as much of what it should be! The McDonald’s cards for example were AWESOME for me and my nephews. It was a legitimately fun event… until scalpers raided my entire city. The greed some people have to completely ruin a children’s game is unimaginable- just absolutely ridiculous!

  10. Exactly!! I’m new to the scene and I didn’t know this was a problem. It’s totally unfair and ultimately rude for the scalpers to do that!!

  11. I am a Mom to a toddler. This kind of thing are out of hand just like McDonald’s promoting their 25th Anniversary Happy meal with trading cards. My husband and I went to a drive-thru, ordered and upon opening the Pikachu happy meal box, NO Pokémon cards but a toy from Soul animation. Was it our fault forn not asking if they’d still had them in stock? Even the Employees didn’t say a thing and that it was sold out. I can’t even get my child a happy meal with Pokémon cards. Sorry for the rant. Even if retailers limit buyers from buying bulk amount. That won’t stop them. They can be in a group and buy out the whole store. This craziness should be dealt with. Upon checkout, the associate should just limit the amount of items that is being purchased. Would that work? I don’t know. Sigh.

  12. I’m from the UK.
    Our shops that sell pokemon cards are closed!

    I also have a friend in Portland looking for mcdonalds packs & cereal packs for me and my daughter.

    Its ridiculous whats happening! The sneaker game became ridiculous, now its moved to pokemon!! Its following me haha!!

  13. That’s right! If people are willing to be disciplined and not pay for incredibly overpriced items listed by scalpers, we could be rid of them for good! Unfortunately it’s very much easier said than done. A lot of people want their product right now.

  14. Went to target last night and the card section was full on the left half but once you look at the right side where all the Pokémon Card products are, it’s empty. Really disappointing how I went out of my way to get some of the new cards and can’t get them anywhere

  15. I agreed they should have limited on them especially on popular items and not being fair to other people!

  16. That really stinks. Never went early for a set and never will. Maybe a raffle by the store. They do this for beer and bourbon.

  17. Its rough out there it stinks that I have to wake up super early to go to the store just for a chance to get some cards I remember before Covid-19 you could get packs/blisters/tins/and etbs whenever you wanted hopefully it’ll get better soon

  18. Yeah scalpers are the worst! They are driving the market up so much it’s making it hard to collect anything. Hopefully other people feel the same and stop buying from them too.

  19. i cant stand it. scalpers are ruining the hobby for literally everyone. they have always been here but it used to not be this bad. i used to play the tcg competitivily, now that is just a dream because you cant even find a single pack. online, literally all tcg sets are sold out, and when re uploaded are sold out within minutes. it doesnt matter if they print more, unless there is a purchase limit required. due to financial reasons now id onyl buy a tin here and there occasionally to enjoy the new cards, and get my fav mons cards like blaziken and toxtricity. if nothing is done, sadly, honestly this hobby will be ruinied forever and only the rich will be able to have access to the cards.

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